Special Bred Heifer & Cow Auction

01/31/2022 @ 12:00 pm







111         Angus (62) Bwf (32) & Rwf (17) Heifers-AI’d Legendary or Trail Blazer-Calf Feb 25th

Clean up Wagon Hammer Angus-Calf Mar 15th for 20 days                                                     PAUL KENNY & SONS

100         Angus Heifers Bred Angus-(76) Calf Mar 3rd for 15 days- (24) Calf Mar 18th for 15 days

Both Scour Shots                                                                                                                                 TNT CATTLE

71           Angus (54) & Bwf Heifers-Bred Ruggles or Ostrand Angus-Calf Feb 22 for 45 days-

Home Raised-Both Scour Shots                                                                                                       JERRY & KELLY BENTLEY

50           Angus Bwf Heifers-Bred Poss & Chundy Ang-Calf Feb 25th for 40 days-1st Scour Shot

Home Raised                                                                                                                                       PAUL & MARY, ANDY &


45           Angus Bwf Heifers-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 15th-Both Scour Shots                                             MIKE & BRANDON WALKER

44           Angus Heifers-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 1 sor 60 days-Pelvic Measured-1st Scour Shot            MEYER BROS

40           Angus Heifers-Bred Angus-Calf Feb 15t for 40 days-Both Scour Shots                                  RUSS & ANNETTE BLOOM

25           Red Angus Heifers-Bred Son of Redington-Calf Feb 15 for 45 days                                       PIEPER RED ANGUS

18           Angus Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 1st-Solid to Broken                                                               JASON SWERTZIC

16           Angus Heifers-(9) Ai;d Musgrave Colossal-Calf Feb 27th (7) Bred Angus-Calf April 1st

For 30 days                                                                                                                                           TREVOR & MEGAN


14           Simm Angus Heifers-AI’d Arrow One Jet Black-Calf Feb 20th-Clean up Angus-30 days

1st Scour Shot                                                                                                                                       ARROW ONE ANGUS

10           Angus X Heifers-Bred Red Angus-Calf April 1st                                                                            ERIC SCHRINER

4              Angus X Heifers-Bred Angus-Calf Feb 15th                                                                                    RANDY & RYDELL


4              Red Angus Heifers-Bred Red Angus-Calf Mar 3 for 23 days                                                     KORI KIEBORZ


250         (175) Angus few Bwf Cows-Bred Angus-(75) Red Angus Cows-Bred Red Angus-

Calf Mar 1st-2nd Calf to Short Solid                                                                                                  STANDAGE FAMILY FARMS

310         Angus Bwf Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Feb 22nd-(50) 2nd Calf, (58) 3rd Calf, (40) 4th Calf,

Bal Solid to Short Solid-Comp Disp                                                                                 TERRY BLAUHORN & SONS

160         Angus Cows-Bred Angus-Calf mar 1st-2nd Calf few 3rd-Dispersion of 2nd Calvers                  LAZY JW RANCH

120         Angus Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Feb 15th-2nd Calf to Spreaders-Comp Disp                              MATT DALRYMPLE

80           Angus Bwf Cows-Bred Angus or Char X-Calf Mar 1st-3 Yrs to Broken                                   WARREN KELLY

74           Angus Ang X Cows-Bred Angus or Hereford-Calf mar 15th-Solid to Broken-Comp Disp     OLSEN AIR SERVICE

70           Angus few Bwf & Red Cows-Bred Angus or Red Angus-Calf Mar 1st-3 to 5 Yrs Old            S & S CATTLE

70           Angus & few Red X Cows-Bred Angus-Gelv or Char-Calf Feb –April 1-Young to

Broken Mouth                                                                                                                                     BRENT HINRICHS

68           Red Angus & Angus Cows-Bred Red Angus-Calf Mar 1st Young to Broken-Comp Disp     JIM & ED PAVELKA

68           Angus Bwf Cows=Bred Angus-Calf Mar 1st-Spreaders to Broken                                             KENT ALLEN

50           Red Angus Cows-Bred Char-Calf Mar 20th for 40 days-Solid to Broken                                 DARRELL & TYRELL ENTZ

50           Red Angus Cows-Bred Char or Red Angus Simm X-Calf Mar 1st-Solid to Short Solid          CLARK & JANET RITZ

45           Angus Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 15th for 60 days-Solid to Broken                                       KELLING FARM & RANCH

27           Angus Bwf & Red Cows-Bred Blk Balancer-Calf Mar 15 for 60 days-Solid to Broken       FISHER FARMS

17           Red Angus Cows-Bred Black Angus-Calf Mar 1st-2nd Calf                                                         BAKER & WEEK

15           Angus X Cows-Bred Gelv Balancer-Calf Feb 25th for 60 days-4 Yrs to Spreaders CHUCK MOSTEK

15           Red Angus Cows-Bred Pieper Red Angus-Calf Mar 10th for 45 days 5 to 6 Yrs Old              PIEPER RED ANGUS

13           Angus Cows-Bred Angus-Calf April, May-Running Age                                                             RUSS & ANNETTE BLOOM

10           Angus Bwf Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 15th-5 to 7 Yrs Old                                                       LARRY WILSHUSEN