Video Auctions

Welcome to Huss/Lexington Video Auction, we are now holding monthly video auctions in conjunction with live feeder auction at our Kearney facility.
For those of you where logistics or other circumstances make it harder to sell live at the barn. We are providing the video as a way to better serve you.

To market cattle with Huss/Lexington Video Auction (HLVA) a consignor needs to call HLVA representative who will fill out a consignment form, listing all the information about a specific set of cattle. The rep will film a good representation of the cattle with a digital camera. The information & video will be downloaded to the CattleUSA system where the video will be available for preview. The information will be advertised as well as listed on our websites. The auction will start at a set time prior to a feeder auction on sale day at Kearney. The video of the cattle will be broadcast through CattleUSA as well as shown on a monitor at the sale barn. Buyers can buy over the phone, across the internet or live in the seats. After the auction each consignor will receive a down payment & contract. The representative will contact buyer & seller make delivery arrangements. A HLVA representative will attend all deliveries and after cattle are weighed, a check will be written to the consignor for the agreed amount, less commission & any other fees. Cattle will be picked up at a designated location and shipped to the buyer’s destination.

At time of filming a $4.00 head fee will be collected from the consignor. This fee will be applied towards the commission at time of delivery. Commission is $15/head. Buyer will pay $60.00/head down payment at time of auction which $50.00 will be sent to the consigner at that time.  Charges for  Bred Stock is $5.00 filming fee and $35/head Commission.  Buyer will pay $60.00/head down payment at time of auction at which time $50.00 will be sent to the consigner.

Over Slide: $14 (475 & Down) $.12 (476 to 550) $.10 (551 to 600) $.08 (601 to 699) $.06 (700 & over)
Under Slide: $.12 (475 & Down) $.10 (476 to 550) $.08 ( 600) $.06 (601 to 699) $.04 (700 & over)

Rick Shoemaker/Owner: 308-627-7284
Joel Berggren: 402-443-8302 
Ryan Rogers: 308-325-1273
Please feel free to call any of our field reps for more information.